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I had a really good question regarding the new ultra-hot game known as Driver. In most of the ads and the demo, the car being driven is a yellow and black car resembling an early ’70s Buick Stage 1. A picture of the car is even on the back of the CD case for the game. After beating this game, I never even saw this vehicle–where was it?

The car I was talking about (which closely resembles a yellow and black 1970 Buick GSX) was NOT in the game. Those screenshots were taken from a preliminary version of the game. Either that, or somebody at General Motors gave them (Reflections) heat for making a car that too closely resembles one of their own (you’ll notice that most of the cars in the game actually look somewhat similar to the vintage muscle cars of yesteryear, but most of them have been cleverly redesigned with tweaks to the overall body style).

What is Minecraft?

Nowadays there are so many different games on the market so it’s quite hard to figure out what to play. For those who enjoy shooters, there are games like Call of Duty and Halo. For those who like RPGs, there are online games like World of Warcraft and offline games like Skyrim, which give hours of gameplay. However, while these games have been out for quite some time, many have grown bored of them. I mean how many times can you play the same map in Call of Duty before getting bored? Luckily, for folks who find they are growing bored more often than not, there are games out there for you.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, chances are you’ve heard of Minecraft. If not, allow me to give you quick rundown. Originally launched in 2009 by a single developer named Markus Alexej Persson, Minecraft was largely considered a joke.

Folks took a quick glance at the old school, blocky graphics and brushed it off. However, the game went on to become nothing less than a phenomenon selling tens of millions of copies and netting Persson quite the hefty sum of money.

Why is Minecraft so successful, you ask? The game is so successful because there are endless possibilities within the world of Minecraft. Literally whatever you can dream up is possible (within reason) in the game. From computers and castles to caves and adventures, Minecraft has it all.

What is the Objective?

To be honest, if you were to ask Mojang (the game’s developers) what the objective of Minecraft is, they probably wouldn’t know what to say. That’s because for all intents and purposes, there is no objective to Minecraft other than to have fun. What makes Minecraft so great is the endless possibilities of what you can do. If you feel like heading out for a hunt and slaying baddies, collecting their loot and simply living life in a virtual world you can do that.

If you’re an adventurer you can head into the depths of randomly generated caverns and see what’s in store.

If you’re more of a crafting type, Minecraft suits your needs as well hence the name: Minecraft.

Found within the world of Minecraft are many different types of ores and materials. You can make everything from a long sword and suit of armor to a full-fledged castle complete with a mine cart and farm. In fact, if you’re one who likes architecture you’re probably going to enjoy Minecraft the most.

Thanks to the open world structure you’re free to create literally whatever you want. Dedicated folks within the community have taken this to a whole new level recreating entire cities, massive buildings, ships, towns, cities and much more.

As mentioned above, whatever you can imagine, you can build within Minecraft. The materials are there for you all you need to do is put them to work. Best of all you can try free Minecraft.

How Much Does it Cost?

When Minecraft originally launched it was in a beta state. This meant that there were still many bugs to work out as the game was still being developed. Due to this, Notch (the game’s creator) decided that the game was to be released for around $10. However, now that the game is out of beta and a final version is on the market, it does cost a bit more – albeit not that much.

If you’re looking to pick up Minecraft today you can get it through a plethora of different avenues (including the game’s main website) for just $26.95. Seeing how the game is quite a bit confusing, you make want to try Minecraft for free first before making an investment.

Minecraft Games – For Loads of Fun

MInecraft is an interactive 3D game consisting mostly of bricks which are of different colors and patterns. It has different modes like creative, survival, hardcore, adventure, spectator and demo. Where the only limits are your imagination, the game is all about destroying blocks and constructing blocks as big as you want or as small or you want. A player can walk anywhere and a player sees different animals in the game play, also it has nice music which runs while playing. Minecraft has sold more than 16 million copies hitting top charts, bringing out the new ideas of gaming with 19th century game playing experience. Minecraft has not only a pc game but also many online games which are very fun and thrilling to play. Minecraft is also available on all mobile application platforms like android, windows and apple.

This is a game for players, who love living on the edge to experience a surge in their adrenalin levels. These games while including the pleasing picturesque images of the enjoying the sun rise over an ocean have much more to offer which can be termed as scary than pretty! Here are three popular minecraft games.

Idle Mine EX – Version date: 2014-07-08

Mining 2 types of stones (white stones and cesium) will enable the player accumulate scores, by a mere clicking these icons. Upon meeting the specified target, more valuable and beautiful items will appear. Here, the player should not miss buying useful upgrades like helmets and pickaxes.

Mine Clone v3 – Version date: 2014-07-02

This game is for indigenous architects driven by a passion to build skyscrapers in the city. Mine Clone v3 equipped with different blocks used for building unique structures using available inventory of sand, grass and the like they without wasting travel time collect those items. A word of caution; players will need to destroy unnecessary blocks, de-cluttering to create space for useful plans.

Instructions to play the game: Arrow keys or “A S D W” keys are for movement. The left mouse is used to break blocks, while the Spacebar can be used to jump.

Minecraft – the Tower Defense Game

The player should help Steve wage wars with groups of creepy and crawly creatures. Using shovels, the player needs to scoop out a maze like path to his house moving through green fields and placing mines and traps in between. The player should pay attention to focus on digging the short wavy paths which are presumed to be better than long straights paths. The player earns money by killing enemies thereby upgrading the strength of his mines. Turrets are bought mid-way and placed along the path. The following are characteristics of the map:

• Arrows, fireballs and potions are the three defense turrets available to the players
• Abilities and weaponry which can be purchased
• Customized zombies appearing in 20 Waves of customized Zombies.
• Innumerable command blocks
• Special Effects
• Flying Pigs
• Explosions
• Flashing Lights

Minecraft – All It Takes to Break and Make Blocks

Breaking and building blocks is the aim of Minecraft games, played in a creative environment with battle to be won against other players (multiplayer) and the Ender Dragon (singleplayer). While the initial versions of the game made players construct structures to ward off nocturnal monsters, the game transformed into an enhanced version aiming at building beautiful and innovative things, as the number of active players increased.

Proposed Platforms of the Game

Minecraft will be making its presence felt on Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One, on all personal computers and mobile phones with various platforms. The following are the latest Minecraft games played mostly by clicking the left mouse button.

• When Minecraft Meets Mario – Version date: 2014-08-13

Mario who is ordained with the prime responsibility of protecting the Princess Peach from the clutches of a group of aggressive creepers has come to the Minecraft world leaving his abode of Mushroom Kingdom. The Princess who is housed in a dungeon in the Minecraft world will be saved by Mario to be eventually brought back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Various moves in the game depict the journey of Mario throughout the different regions of a strange jungle to finally reach the dungeon.

• Minecraft Quiz 4 – Version date: 2014-08-10

Players are quizzed on topics related to some fields belonging to the Minecraft world. The aim of the game is to answer all the questions by mastering all of the challenges

• Skincraft 2 – Version date: 2014-07-30

Steve, the most prominent hero in the Minecraft game is always seen in purple pants with a blue bright T-shirt. The recent version of Skincraft 2 sees him in a new fashionable light with the gamer stretching his imagination between 2 options of Pre-Made and Custom. Pre-made is a built-in option which makes use of a number of new skins already available. In contrast, Custom is an option to prepare tailor-made attire by using available stationery.

• Mine Blocks 1.26.5 – Version date: 2014-07-21

This game of architecture is mainly to create everything from the scratch using materials which are collected by mining various blocks. Hidden instructions act as tips to craft good tools like torches, axes, pickaxes and hammers

Instructions: Arrow keys or the “A S D W” keys are for movement. Left clicking the mouse will be useful to mine blocks and craft tools. Combination of the Shift key and the left mouse will place the blocks.

• Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D – Version date: 2014-07-16

Protecting the Minecraft city from terrible zombies who set out on a mission to demolish the entire city will be the aim of Zumbi Blocks 3D. The first step is to use the gun to shoot down zombies who attack from all corners. Success in these missions provides monetary strength to the player who then needs to visit various shops to buy more ammunition. Killing the dead zombies coming alive is another move.

Instructions: “A S D W” are the navigation keys. The mouse is used to aim and shoot. Are you still waiting?

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